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Effective Altruism Investments

Founded in 2015 at Princeton University, Effective Altruism Investments is a student-run investment fund that seeks good returns for good causes. EAI is the result of intersecting passions for morality and investing, manifesting itself in a threefold mission

Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy must accommodate our needs to beat the market on a risk-adjusted basis while still having consistent cash flows for donations. To beat the market, we recognize the disadvantages students are at compared to professionals, focusing where students have a competitive edge: investments outside the bounds of knowledge and practicality of large institutions. We aim for overlooked assets that we can know better than the majority of market players, or small illiquid assets that institutions cannot enter. Open to value wherever it arises, we invest in stocks, ETF’s, options and peer-to-peer lending. Furthermore, we choose our asset mix to ensure consistent quarterly cash flows to fuel donations.

Donation Strategy

Finding the best investments is just half the battle. In order to maximize total good, we must also find the best organizations to donate 20% of profits to. We donate the majority to effective charities recommended by GiveWell, but believe we could do more good by giving at least a portion to smaller organizations in which we have a sort of competitive advantage in exposure. For example, student groups or local organizations which don’t have GiveWell’s recommendation may be underfunded, and thus use a dollar for greater impact.

Who We Are

Join Us

We are always looking for top talent. If you are at one of the schools where we have a presence, please be on the lookout for the opening of our application portal. Or, feel free to reach out at EAI.Fall2018@gmail.com.

Who are we looking for?

We want self-starters with sharp, creative minds who can benefit our team’s investment and organizational decisions.

Why Join?

You will have a direct role in managing an active investment portfolio and have the satisfaction of knowing that your work benefits great causes. You will learn about investing in stocks, options, peer-to-peer debt, and potentially other assets (potentially as a result of your ideas!). You will work with other students who share your passion for business, and how business intersects with positive social impact. You will gain access to a network of other members across Princeton, Harvard, Williams, and Wharton. And, since we are a relatively young organization, you will have the opportunity to play a role in sculpting EAI.
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